Veera Naal Sardari

One of the finest work by Harry Alhuwalia

Harry Alhuwalia started his career by playing the lead role in Veera Naal Sardari sharing the screen with Jaspinder Cheema. The movie was released on 17th January 2014 which was directed by Harinder Gill. The Movie sets the story of brother Jujhar and sister Roop. Jujhar and Roop were twin siblings who live with their maternal grandmother in a village. This story is based on the long-forgotten folklore of Veera and her brother, adapted in today’s time. It still has the essence of Guru Nanak’s blessings to mankind.

This role led Mr. Alhuwalia to garnered recognition and more roles as a lead actor in the industry. He then got his second project as a lead actor in 2019 starring as Samar in Inseparable Love.

Assi punjabi

Assi Punjabi is a romantic movie that is directed by Rajdeep Singh. The movie starred Harry Ahluwalia as a lead role. Assi Punjabi was released in May 2015.

teri meri ik jind

Teri Meri Ik Jind is the full-on entertainment and an inspiration for the youth. The movie is a package of comedy, action, drama, and family.  The story and the screenplay of the film are written by Rajdeep Singh and produced by Shaffy Singh and Tess Meyer.

veera naal sardari

Veeran Naal Sardari was released on 17 January 2014. The movie sets the story of brother Jujhar and Sister Roop. Jujhar and Roop live with the maternal grandmother in a small village.